Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be an advocate to register in this directory.
  2. "Online Directory" means a telephone directory published in any electronic form, from time to time by De Jure LegalTech Pvt Ltd.
  3. "User" refers to a De Jure user in good standing who elected to post his or her profile on the Free Law website (www.freelaw.in).
  4. The User undertakes the responsibility to ensure that his or her profile content does not violate any relevant legislation and advertising guidelines. User will be responsible for ensuring that the profile content is accurate, complete, not misleading, honest and truthful.
  5. Should the User elect to upload a photograph of themselves to their profile on Free Law, the User agrees to:
    1. ensure that the quality and content of the photograph reflects the professional image of their own or their business, and
    2. The User gives permission to De Jure, and parties designated by De Jure, to use such photograph on De Jure websites. The User further consents to the use of their name in connection with the photograph if needed by De Jure. The User understands and agrees that they will not receive any payment or any royalty for the publication of the photograph(s)/video(s) or the use of their name and the User hereby releases De Jure and any parties designated by De Jure from any such claims.
    3. De Jure will put the name, address and areas of practice in the Online Directory unless user requests us not to in writing.
  6. De Jure reserves the right to remove content deemed inappropriate.
  7. Any violation of the Terms of Use is considered a violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethics that is binding on all De Jure users.