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Supreme Court allows demolition of Prachin Shiv Mandir located on the Yamuna floodplains

14-Jun-2024 - Today (June 14, 2024), the Supreme Court (SC) of India was hearing a matter related to the Delhi High Court’s order rejecting the plea filed by Prachin Shiv Mandir Avam Akhada Sami...
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Supreme Court extends time given to the AAP to vacate its Rouse Avenue Party office till August 10, 2024

12-Jun-2024 - In a recent development, the Supreme Court (SC) of India extended the time given to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to vacate its Rouse Avenue Party office in New Delhi till August 10, 2...
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Delhi Liquor Policy Scam Case: Supreme Court declines to grant bail to Manish Sisodia

05-Jun-2024 - On June 04, 2024, the Supreme Court (SC) of India was hearing an SLP (special leave petition) against the order of the Delhi High Court which rejected the second bail plea fil...
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Delhi Water Crisis: Supreme Court directs Delhi Government to approach UYRB for release of more water, HP tells court it does not have surplus water

14-Jun-2024 - On June 13, 2024 (Thursday), the Supreme Court (SC) of India was hearing a petition filed by the Delhi government seeking directions to Haryana and Himachal Pradesh to release surp...
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Supreme Court Holds Release Of Film 'Hamare Baraah' scheduled for June 14, 2024

13-Jun-2024 - On June 13 (Today), the Supreme Court (SC) suspended the release of the film "Hamare Baarah," scheduled for June 14, 2024, due to allegations that it is offensive to the Islamic fa...
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Grace marks awarded to 1563 candidates of NEET-UG, 2024, Canceled, will be allowed to take re-test: Centre tells Supreme Court.

13-Jun-2024 - Today (June 13, 2024), the Central Government informed the Supreme Court (SC) of India that a decision to cancel the grace marks awarded to 1563 students of NEET-UG (National Eligi...
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Removing a girl’s innerwear and undressing himself with nothing more did not amount to an offence of ‘attempt to commit rape’ but ‘outrage the modesty of Woman’: Rajasthan HC

13-Jun-2024 - Recently, the Rajasthan High Court (HC) illustrates the distinction between an attempt to commit rape and to commit an indecent assault (outrage the modesty of a woman). The H...
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Supreme Court reprimanded Delhi Government over Water Mafia Crisis

12-Jun-2024 - Today (June 12, 2024), the Supreme Court (SC) of India sharply criticized the Delhi government for failing to curb the tanker mafia and rampant water wastage, demanding an explanat...
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Legal Articles

Legal Aspects of Cybersecurity in Indian Businesses

Published on 14-Jun-2024

Online security is a concern for the global business community in the modern era; this holds for India too. It has seen large numbers of cybercrimes over the past few y...
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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Emerging Trends in India

Published on 12-Jun-2024

With the advent of digitization, the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in India has eventually increased while undergoing significant transformation, dri...
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Impact of Digital India Initiative on Legal Practices

Published on 07-Jun-2024

The legal realm has typically been known for its reliance on manual procedures, paper-based records, and in-person court appearances. It was characterized by a combinat...
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