Delhi Court denies interim bail to Arvind Kejriwal, says, his extensive campaigning shows he is not suffering from life-threatening ailment to entitle him bail on medical grounds

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On June 05, 2024, a Delhi Court, Rouse Avenue Court, was hearing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s plea seeking interim bail in the money laundering case linked to the Delhi liquor policy scam case. Special judge Kaveri Baweja denied interim bail to him and dismissed the plea seeking interim bail for seven days on medical grounds. While denying bail, Special Judge Baweja said that Diabetes or type-2 Diabetes cannot be considered a serious ailment to entitle Kejriwal to relief. Moreover, the Court also said that the extensive campaigning done by Arvind Kejriwal during the elections shows that he is not suffering from any life-threatening or serious ailment. The order reads, “Further, the extensive campaigning tours and related meetings/events undertaken by Sh. Arvind Kejriwal as highlighted during the course of arguments also indicate that he does not appear to be suffering from any serious or ‘life-threatening’ ailment so as to entitle him to the beneficial provision as contained in proviso to Section 45 PMLA.” The judge further mentioned that the grounds for granting interim bail to conduct tests to determine ketone levels or weight loss are invalid. It stated, “Apparently, as per the Applicant himself, he seeks interim bail for ‘diagnosis’ of an anticipated ailment which, cannot be said to be a valid ground for the relief prayed for, particularly when this concern can be addressed while the Applicant is in custody.” After hearing the matter, the Delhi Court issued certain directions:

  • “Since the health concerns of the Accused/Applicant must be addressed immediately, the Medical Board of AIIMS, which was directed to be constituted vide order dated 22.04.2024 of this court, is hereby directed to be revived and/or re-constituted, if deemed fit by the Director, AIIMS, New Delhi, having regard to the nature of ailments the Applicant is stated to be suffering from
  • The Medical Board shall, besides complying with the earlier order dated 22.04.2024, also examine the Applicant and prescribe such diagnostic tests as deemed appropriate, within three days
  • The Jail Authorities shall ensure that the prescribed recommended tests/evaluations of the Applicant are conducted without any delay.
  • Upon receipt of the Test Reports, the Medical Board shall prescribe the further necessary treatment as may be required and the Jail Authorities shall ensure that the treatment so prescribed by the Medical Board is provided to the Applicant forthwith, under intimation to this court.”

Arvind Kejriwal has been remanded to judicial custody till June 19, 2024, and now he will be produced before the vacation bench on June 19. His regular bail plea before the Court will be heard on June 07, 2024.