Supreme Court Holds Release Of Film 'Hamare Baraah' scheduled for June 14, 2024

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On June 13 (Today), the Supreme Court (SC) suspended the release of the film "Hamare Baarah," scheduled for June 14, 2024, due to allegations that it is offensive to the Islamic faith and married Muslim women. The decision came after a plea challenged the Bombay High Court's approval of the film's release. The vacation bench of Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Sandeep Mehta ordered, “Unitil disposal of the petition before the High Court, screening of the movie in question shall remain suspended.” During the proceedings, the SC bench said that they watched the teaser earlier in the morning and found it offensive. Justice Mehta stated, "Today morning we have seen the teaser. It is as such with all those objectionable materials. The teaser is available on YouTube." Justice Nath added, "The teaser is so offensive that the High Court granted an interim order."

In the case, Petitioner Azhar Basha Tamboli had initially filed a writ with the Bombay High Court against the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), arguing that the film's trailer misrepresented married Muslim women and misinterpreted a Quran verse. The High Court had stopped the film's release and formed a review committee, which later requested more time. Therefore, the HC permitted to release of the film ‘Hamare Barah’ considering the voluntariness of the filmmakers to delete certain dialogues. Tamboli appealed to the SC, arguing the CBFC was an interested party in the review process. She said, “The high court could not have directed the CBFC to constitute a committee because the CBFC was a party, interested in the litigation.” The SC bench agreed, suspending the film's screening until the High Court's final decision, while urging both parties to cooperate for a timely resolution. Justice Mehta remarked, "We can only request the High Court, we are not supervisory [authority]."