The Chief Justice of India says lawmakers disregard impact of laws on society

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Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said the legislature does not make clear studies or assess the impact of the laws that it passes, and this sometimes leads to big issues.

While addressing in the valedictory ceremony of Constitution Day celebrations organized by the Apex Court, Justice Ramana said: "The legislature does not conduct studies or assess the impact of the laws that it passes. This sometimes leads to big issues. The introduction of Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act is an example of this. Now, the already burdened magistrates are further burdened by thousands of these cases".

He also spotlighted that simply re-branding the existing courts as commercial courts, without creating a special infrastructure, will not have any impact on the pendency.CJI Ramana also said that people need to be aware of their rights and entitlements.

"If people are unaware about their rights and entitlements, they cannot claim benefit from the same".

The CJI thanked the Law Minister for approving Rs 9,000 crore for development of judicial infrastructure even as he said the problem was not about funds but their under-utilisation.

He reiterated his demand for a special purpose vehicle in the form of judicial infrastructure authority to ensure proper utilisation of the funds meant for the judiciary.

The CJI said many people in the country believe that it is the courts that make the laws and there is another set of misunderstandings relating to the belief that the courts are responsible for liberal acquittals and adjournments.

“However, the truth is that the public prosecutors, advocates and parties — all have to cooperate with the judicial process. Non-cooperation, procedural lapses and faulty investigation cannot be blamed on courts. These are the issues with the judiciary that need to be addressed,” he said, adding that this is one of the reasons he is so glad that all the chief justices and senior judges in the country were able to participate in the event.