Apex court judge M R Shah delivers twenty verdicts during a day

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Supreme Court Judge M R Shah delivered 20 judgements on Monday. Justice M R Shah took charge because the judge of SC in 2018 and is scheduled to retire next year.

More than a month after recovering from coronary failure, Justice M R Shah of the Supreme Court delivered 20 judgements on Monday. Justice MR Shah delivered judgments on the very first day after the court re-opened after the summer vacation.

Interestingly, all judgements were authored by Justice Shah and pronouncement of 20 judgements at one go isn't quite common.

The 64-year-old Shah served as a judge of the Gujarat state supreme court and went on to become the judge of the Patna court. He took charge because the judge of the Supreme Court in 2018 and is scheduled to retire on May 15, 2023.

While setting aside the judgement of the state supreme court in a very murder case, Justice Shah held, " The supreme court has committed a grave/serious error in observing that the prosecution has did not prove the links and evidence which could establish and produce home the guilt of the accused. The findings recorded by the court are perverse."

In another judgement, Justice Shah held that the test identification parade is a vital step within the criminal justice system and acquitted a person. He said, "We are of the opinion that it'd not be safe and prudent to convict the accused solely on the premise of their identification for the primary time in court.

"In view of the above and for the explanations stated above, we are of the firm opinion that both the learned judicature yet because the tribunal have committed a grave error inconvicting the accused,"Justice M R Shah added.

In another judgement, the court held that removal of a person from service could be a very harsh punishment after he spent 20 years within the company and quashed the removal order of the worker.