Justice Satish Chandra Sharma to be new CJ of Delhi High court, Union notifies transfer

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The Supreme Court Collegium had recently recommended jurist of the Telangana state supreme court Justice Satish Chandra Sharma because the new justice of the Delhi judicature

The Central Government on Sunday notified the transfer of CJ of Telangana Satish Chandra Sharma to Delhi tribunal.

In a notification dated June 19, the Ministry of Law and Justice stated, "in the exercise of the facility conferred by clause (1) of Article 222 of the Constitution of India, the President, after consultation with the justice of India, is pleased to transfer Justice Satish Chandra Sharma, justice of Telangana state supreme court because the judge of the Delhi judicature and to direct him to assume charge of the office of the jurist of the Delhi state supreme court."

The Supreme Court Collegium had recently recommended the CJ of the Telangana judicature Justice Satish Chandra Sharma as the new jurist of the Delhi supreme court.

Notably, after the retirement of Justice DN Patel because the judge of the Delhi tribunal, the post fell vacant.

The collegium also recommended the elevation of Acting jurist of the Delhi court-- Justice Vipin Sanghi-- because the jurist of Uttarakhand High Court.

It further recommended elevation of Justice AA Sayed, SS Shinde, Rashmin M Chhaya and Ujjal Bhuyan because the Chief Justices of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Guwahati and Telangana High Courts respectively.

The decision of transfer and elevation was taken by the Collegium headed by the magistrate of India NV Ramana.