Supreme Court allows demolition of Prachin Shiv Mandir located on the Yamuna floodplains

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Today (June 14, 2024), the Supreme Court (SC) of India was hearing a matter related to the Delhi High Court’s order rejecting the plea filed by Prachin Shiv Mandir Avam Akhada Samiti challenging the Delhi Development Authority’s decision to demolish the Shiv Mandir. The vacation bench constituting Justice PV Sanjay Kumar and Justice Augustine George Masih allowed demolition of Shiv Temple located on the Yamuna floodplains, upholding the Delhi HC's decision. The order reads, “The half-hearted plea by the learned counsel for the petitioner that Lord Shiva, being the deity of the temple, must be also impleaded in the present matter is a desperate attempt to give an altogether different color to the entire dispute to sub-serve the vested interest of its members. It goes without saying that Lord Shiva does not need our protection; rather, we, the people, seek his protection and blessings. There could be no iota of doubt that Lord Shiva would be happier if the Yamuna River bed and the flood plains areas are cleared of all encroachments and unauthorized construction.” During the proceedings, the SC bench asked the petitioner to prove the ancient status of the temple, “Ancient temples were built with rock and not with cement and painted...these are all recent temples.” After hearing the contentions, the SC bench dismissed the petition and allowed the demolition of Shiv Temple.