A cop drank Coca-Cola at the time of a court hearing in Gujarat high court so Gujarat High Court ordered to distribute 100 Coca Cola bottles to the respective Bar

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The Gujarat High Court noticed that a cop was drinking Coca Cola at the time of court hearing, Bench headed by Chief Justice (CJ) Aravind Kumar ordered the cop to distribute one hundred coca cola drink bottles to the Bar association.

Earlier Justice Ashutosh J Shastri in the same bench while hearing the case with the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court asked for the appearance of the cop in interrogation as a respondent.

In the beginning of the hearing, the judges noticed that the cop was seen drinking coca cola.

CJI after noticing the incident questioned that "He is drinking Coca-Cola during video conferencing. Who is this cop?".

AGP Devnani regretted and requested the bench on behalf of that police officer.

Devanand said "I convey my sincere apologies. I will just ask him to switch off his video".

The Chief Justice of Gujarat, in the virtual hearing denied the regret by Devnani. 

The Chief Justice questioned that "The can shows it is Coca-Cola, we don't know the contents of it. Is he an IPS officer? Is this the way an officer acts; if he would have been in physical court, would he have come with a 'Coca-Cola' can".

The CJ of Gujarat High Court later described and told a similar incident with another lawyer who was found consuming a samosa during online court hearing.

The CJ ordered AGP Devnani regarding that cop who drank Coca Cola and told her to tell him to distribute himself  100 Coca Cola bottles Bar Association of Gujarat High court.

Senior Advocate Bhaskar Tanna told bench that "Should (it) be something less harmful than Coca-Cola, maybe lime juice?"

The CJ of Gujarat High Court replied that "Amul Juice; Ask him to arrange Amul Juice".

The bench and the lawyers appearing before the court after this incident shared a strong humour.