Allahabad High Court calls for review petition against Supreme Court judgment regarding Aadhaar linkage with bank account

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The Allahabad High Court accepted a review petition ought to be filed against the Supreme Court's 2018 verdict in Justice KS Puttaswamy v Union of India, in which it was held that linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts was not mandatory.

The single Bench of Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav took the submissions of RBI, State Government, BSNL, and Union government regarding the measures that could be taken to tackle cyber frauds/cyber crimes/fraudulent withdrawal of money from banks.

These submissions were being made pursuant to the earlier order of court wherein it had observed that it was necessary to fix the accountability in cybercrime matters so that the money of the people, who have been victims of cyber fraud, is not lost.

In June 2021, during the course of the hearing of this matter, the Allahabad High Court had observed that the police authorities are not making serious efforts in controlling these types of fraudulent activities.

Followed in August 2021, Raising concerns over the spreading nationwide network of cyber thugs, the Allahabad High Court had observed that cyber thugs are eating up the entire country like termites and are responsible for the weakening of the economic condition in the country.

Bench opined that the bank has to take responsibility for such cases wherein the money of their customers is withdrawn by cybercriminals as such customers are more honest towards the country since they put their white money in banks.

During the subsequent case hearings, RBI argued before the Court that it warns bank customers to be aware of such frauds and not fall in the trap of cyber thugs.

The Centre submitted before the Court that the entire case of fraudulent withdrawal of bank customers is related to the Reserve Bank and only they are responsible for it.

It was further suggested by him that the banks can keep an eye on the accounts of all the customers through the Aadhar card-bank linking, however, he added that the Supreme Court has abolished the mandatory linking of the Aadhar cards with bank accounts.

Finally Justice Shekhar Yadav noticed that those people who do not deposit crores of rupees in the bank and rather hide the same in the basements of their houses, are responsible for hollowing out the economic prosperity of the country.