Apex Court rejects that case regarding the 2 Child initiation to control population growth in India

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The Top Court denied so many pleas today in that one the plea is to implement a two-child policy limit in controlling the growth of population, noting the government must see this aspect.

As per the court, They noted that this is not the case to be dealt with in the court; it informed the petitioners that this is absolutely to deal with government and their policies.

Two Bench composed of judges S K Kaul and A S Oka said that “population is not something that just stops one fine day.”

One petitioner, senior lawyer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, noted the significance of a NLC file to look into this issue immediately.

The petitioner made this plea as a challenge to the Delhi HC’s judgement to deny a request for certain provisions, which includes 2 child policy, for controlling the growth of population.

Petitioner stranded the plea immediately after the Pinnacle Court noted it wasn’t learned to list it into hearings. With rejecting the arguments of the petitioners the court also denied other petitions similar to this plea this made other advocates to take off their pleas.