Complete Ban on BBC documentary denied by the Supreme Court

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Today, the Supreme Court dismissed a petition filed by Vishnu Gupta (Hindu Sena President) who requested a complete ban on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in India. The documentary was taking an “anti-India” position, he pleaded. Justices Sanjiv Khanna and MM Sundresh heard the matter in which a ban was imposed over a BBC documentary, “India: The Modi Question” highlighting the Gujarat 2002 riots, and called the ban “entirely misconceived.” To this, Advocate representing the petitioner, Advocate Pinky Anand said “Kindly see the background when the documentary has happened. Today you have a question, when you have an Indian as the Prime Minister of UK. India is rising as an economic power.”

The bench further reacted, “What is this? Do you want us to put in place a complete censorship?” The filed petition also asked for National Investigation Agency’s investigation regarding the conspiracy behind the documentary. Moreover, it also alleged that “The documentary film by BBC relating to Gujarat violence 2002 implicating Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not only reflective of anti-Narendra Modi cold propaganda broadcast to tarnish his image alone but this is anti-Hinduism propaganda by the BBC to destroy the social fabric of India.” The bench further stated that “Let us not waste any more time. The writ petition is entirely misconceived and has no merit. Thus, dismissed.”