Government of Rajasthan approached Apex Court against HC order granting parole to life term convict for procreation

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A Rajasthan HC order granting parole to a life convict for performing a matrimony together with his wife and having children has been challenged by the Rajasthan government within the Supreme Court of India.

Rajasthan government in its petition before the Supreme Court has said that the HC order is bad in law because the parole rules within the state don't allow the discharge of convicts on the grounds of performing nuptials.

Mentioning the matter before the bench led by the justice of India NV Ramana, the state government's counsel argued that the order of the judiciary has opened floodgates and convicts armed with the supreme court order are coming forward and applying for parole.

The counsel also argued that the state parole rules don't allow release on such grounds which this order is causing problems within the state.

In April this year, the Jodhpur bench of Rajasthan supreme court had allowed the discharge of a life convict for performing marriage saying 'Denial to prisoner to perform conjugal relations for progeny would adversely affect rights of his wife'.

The Bench also held that Hindu philosophy advocates the importance of pitra rin ie parental debt and lives of individuals are the results of the very fact that ancestors are carrying and forwarding the said pitra rin , it's thanks to this, life came to us and so as to keep up the continuity of life, we must pay off this debt.