One more review petition got filed in Pinnacle Court regarding the release of Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Convicts

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Congress party sources noted that this week the challenge plea would be submitted regarding the release of convicts of Rajiv Gandhi Assassination case.

Indian National Congress today during a press conference stated that it may approach the Apex Court for a challenge of the judgement to release six defendants in the case of assassination of the Rajiv Gandhi.

The Union govt last week went to the Apex Court against the 6 convicts release in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi case. Centre has asked for a review of the judgement allowing the release of the 6 convicts.

The union government noted that the Apex Court order in the pleas is not right in the legal sense and has requested time from the apex court to argue against the 6 convicts who are presently in the jail.

Today the Congress Party spokesperson noted that, "A fresh review application challenging the Supreme Court decision to release the convicts on the grounds set out in the order will be filed on behalf of the party".

The apex court took into the consideration that the truth that behaviour of the convicts during was acceptable.

On the 11th of this month, The Top Court verdict came out to the pre release of the six convicts, who assassinated Rajiv Gandhi and who are now serving the punishment.

Nalini, Ravichandran are the main convicts in the case and Santhan, Murugan, Robert Payas, and Jayakumar associate convicts.