Petition filed in apex court to accommodate students returning from Ukraine in Indian universities and colleges

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Fresh plea filed in the top court requesting a direction to the union government and other state governments to accommodate the medical students coming back from Ukraine in Indian medical universities and colleges with proper Indian or foreign degrees as a one-time measure.

The petition requests the alternative, the Union and the state governments be asked to correlate with the officials in Ukraine and allocate some seats in the union, state or private medical universities and colleges as overseas campuses of Ukrainian institutes for the motive of prolongation of academics as a single time emergency step till the situation becomes normal in the war-hit eastern european nation.

The present petition, filed by two lawyers, marks the difficulty of the Indian students who are about to discontinue their studies in different courses, including medicine studies, in different institutes of Ukraine.

It says there is no proper information as to when normalcy will come to Ukraine and whether the students will be able to finish their courses.

The petition states that "Petitioners are public-spirited persons and completely confused by the difficulties that that of the medicine students, compelled to go back to India leaving their medicine courses in different universities and colleges in Ukraine".

On 4th March, the bench, while attending the petition relating to the evacuation of some Indian medicine students near the Ukraine-Romania border, had taken note of the Centre's submission that it has till now evacuated seventeen thousand Indian students from the war zone.

The court had asked the Centre to consider setting up an "online helpline" for the parents and the families of the students grounded in Ukraine and convey to the high courts not to list the issue concerning the evacuation of medical students to avoid myriad of litigation.