Pinnacle court denies the urgent listing to appeals within the Karnataka Hijab matter

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The Top court has declined to accord necessary hearing to appeals within the Karnataka Hijab case.

The Supreme Court has declined to present an urgent date of hearing for the appeals within the Karnataka Hijab case. The court said, "will hear in due course."

Senior Advocate Devadatt Kamat on behalf of the petitioners, mentioned that, "There’s an urgency. The exams are beginning, that's the difficulty.

To which the magistrate of India said, "Exams don't have anything to try and do with this issue."

A fresh plea was filed within the Supreme Court on Thursday challenging the Karnataka tribunal verdict which dismissed the petitions seeking permission to wear a Hijab inside the classroom saying Hijab isn't a component of the essential religious practice within the Islamic faith.

"This has nothing to try and do with exams. Don't sensationalise the difficulty," the CJI said while also refusing to entertain an intervention from the lawman Tushar Mehta likewise. 

On March 16, the Supreme Court had agreed to list after Holi the pleas challenging the Karnataka state supreme court order on hijab ban in educational institutions.

The hijab ban issue has snowballed into a national headline-grabbing controversy as political parties have became a chance to attack their rivals. Many students have said they might now haven't any option but to drop out of state schools, and also the restrictive cost of personal education would mean not continuing with school in the least.

In a First Information Report, lawyer Umapathi S alleged he received a video message on WhatsApp that gave an "open threat of murder" to judge Ritu Raj Awasthi.

The row had started in December last year as students at a college in Udupi refused to get rid of headscarves and stop their use despite requests from teachers. Five students then visited court.