Pinnacle court orders states to identify sex workers, and deliver them dry ration

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The Apex Court today informed all the states and UT’s to recognise the sex workers and distribute dry rations and necessary food.

The two member bench comprising of Justices L Nageswara Rao and BR Gavai were looking into an matter filed on behalf of the nation’s oldest sex workers group, asking the top court to order state government’s and UT administration’s to provide essential food and monetary fund to sex workers due to the global pandemic.

As the reports were not practical, states must take steps and ask the assistance of Community-Based Organisations (CBO) rather than relying completely on the list prepared by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) to execute necessary steps.

The bench said the numbers that have been given are not practical; proper attempts have to be made by State Governments and UT administration’s to take stand on community-based organisations without relying only on the chart submitted by NACO for the implementation of direction. Apart from ration cards, States shall also issue voting cards to the sex workers. 

The court noted that State Governments/UTs definitely continue to supply dry ration to sex workers without any identity proof’s.

The Unique Identification Authority told the Apex Court of India (UIDAI) that a proposal had been made that Aadhaar cards would be given to sex workers without needing identify proof, subject to the production of a certificate given by gazetted official of NACO. The amicus curiae asked for more duration to take instructions on the practicality of the proposition.

The apex court also directed community based organisations to include list of sex workers in that surrounding locations certified by the respective district legal services authority/State Aids control society.