Stray dog menace: Punjab & Haryana High Court stipulates ‘Compensation of a minimum of 10,000 rupees for each tooth mark’

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The Punjab & Haryana High Court, in its recent order, issued directions to the police to deal with cases lodged pertaining to the stray dog menace in PunjabHaryana, and Chandigarh. The Court observed that the state would be considered responsible for compensating victims in instances of stray dog animals. In light of the increasing stray dog menace, the Punjab & Haryana High Court stipulated that the compensation of a minimum of 10,000 rupees for each tooth mark and a minimum of 20,000 rupees for every 0.2 cm of would where the flesh had been torn off should be given to the victims. It said, “The State shall be primarily responsible for paying compensation with a right to recover the same from the defaulting Agencies/ Instrumentalities of the State and/or the private person, if any.”

While delivering the order, the Court also directed to form a committee to deal with cases related to stray dog menace, stating, “The said Committee shall be compromised of Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District as its Chairperson and shall have the following member (a) Superintendent of Police/Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic), (b) Sub Divisional Magistrate of the concerned area, (c) The District Transport Officer, (d) Representative of the Chief Medical Officer.” The matter was recently in the hype because of the death of 49-year-old entrepreneur Parag Desai (executive director of Wagh Bakri Tea Group) due to a brain hemorrhage after he suffered injuries following an attack by stray dogs last month outside his residence.