Supreme Court launches citizen-centric information and technology initiatives on the occasion of its Diamond Jubilee Celebration

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On January 28, 2024 (Sunday), the Supreme Court (SC) held its Diamond Jubilee Celebration marking the beginning of the 75th year of the Supreme Court and the Indian Constitution. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the celebration and launched citizen-centric information and technology initiatives including ‘Digital Supreme Court Reports’ (Digital SCR), Digital Courts 2.0, and the new website of the SC. Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud said that with the help of Digital SCR, the Supreme Court judgments can be freely and easily accessible by the citizens of the country. The Digital SCR can be accessed through

The official statement, regarding the Digital SCR, on the Supreme Court’s website states “The work is carried out by the Editorial Wing, Supreme Court of India with the assistance of the Technical Wing, Judges Library.” It added, “Serving as the official law report of the Supreme Court judgments in India, it heralds a new era by presenting judgments in a digital, open-access format. This pivotal step replaces traditional print editions, offering an invaluable resource to law students, young lawyers, and the wider public while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.”

On the SC website, important features of the Digital SCR are also illustrated, “Firstly, the initiative pioneers a fortnightly release schedule, enabling the swift dissemination of the latest judgments. Secondly, it exclusively publishes reports in digital form, effectively eliminating print production and significantly reducing environmental impact. Thirdly, an intuitive, user-friendly website is being crafted, and designed to optimize navigation and enhance user experience. Lastly, embracing an open access approach, the initiative grants free entry to law students, aspiring lawyers, and the wider public.”