Suspension of 14 more advocates by BCI due to vandalism

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Pursuing the decision given by the SC on Common Cause vs Abhijat and Ors. original appeal, the Bar Council of India added the names of 14 more lawyers to the suspension list for showing vandalism.

The Supreme Court of India comprising a bench of two judges, Justices Dinesh Maheshwari and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia stated that strict actions are required to be taken by the BCI against the advocates agitating and going on strikes. Further, the representative of BIC, Advocate Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad apprised the court that the suspension of Odisha lawyers had been done to control the situation whereas the SC expressed that suspension won’t do enough; therefore, major steps were required to be taken by the BCI.

After reviewing the FIRs, BCI demonstrated that the advocates were involved in acts that are against the standard of professional conduct and ethics such as attacking police officials, use of unparliamentary words for judges, and obstructing court proceedings. The license of practice was suspended with the immediate effect of 29 advocates of the District Bar Association, Sambalpur for 18 months by the Chairman of BCI in which the President of the District Bar Association, Mr. Sureswar Mishra was also included. While taking this decision, video clips showing vandalism by the lawyers were also addressed. Following this, 14 more advocates were suspended by the BCI based on filed FIRs and 17 lawyers were arrested by the police. In the meantime, the lawyers had called off their strike.