The Aam Aadmi party said pinnacle court 'Education, healthcare not freebies'

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Asserting that socio-economic welfare schemes for the marginalised population can’t be said  as freebies, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has requested  the Supreme Court's intervention in a very pending petition on the difficulty.

The highest court was hearing a plea filed by lawyer Ashwini Upadhyay, who sought action against political parties for promising freebies during elections.

AAP said the schemes for the deserving and disadvantaged people can't be considered handouts.

"Directive Principles of State Policy of the Constitution reinforced the concept that the state should pursue a socialist and welfarist program for bringing an equitable social order where everyone has equitable access to basic amenities," the intervention application stated while alleging that the petitioner is attempting to use the device of public interest litigation to camouflage a thinly veiled attempt at furthering a specific political agenda.

AAP said that such measures, which have "transformed the lives of the weaker sections of society and which are absolutely essential in an unequal society like ours are a must".

Opposing the plea, the AAP petition stated that if a discussion needs to happen on freebies and their connection to the fiscal health of the country, the discussion should be first in respect of what's being given to politicians, ministers, Members of Parliament and legislative assemblies.

" If the concept is resource-conservation within the state, the start point of that ought to not be the deserving masses who are constitutionally entitled to support achieve a dignified standard of living, but the political and governing class which has, within the past and even now, been a major beneficiary of the State’s largesse, through, inter alia, free housing in prime areas of national and state capitals, given to Ministers/Members of Parliament/civil servants, etc. it's necessary to own an assessment of the expenditure by the State on the political and governance class," the plea added.

The apex court is probably going to require the case on 11th August.

The top court had last week asked stakeholders just like the Centre, Niti Aayog, the Finance Commission, and also the RBI to brainstorm on the intense issue of freebies announced during elections and put forth constructive suggestions to tackle it, saying no organisation will oppose such handouts or wish to debate them in Parliament.