The Pinnacle Court today said that we will have a look regarding the hijab controversy in Karnataka

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Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal went to the top court to take the case regarding the hijab controversy in the state of Karnataka he told court "This issue is spreading across the nation" for this CJI NV Ramana replied that "We will see".

Senior advocate placed the plea in front of the Apex Court by Fathima Bushra, a student in college from state of Karnataka; she said that fundamental rights of her have been neglected due to rules imposed on the hijab.

Last week, The educational institutions of Karnataka have witnessed mass protests and clashes over rules imposed on attending classes in hijab. This issue became more tense when opponents against the Islamic protests came out with saffron scarfs. This standoff between two groups of students led to big clashes and cops' involvement.

Senior advocate informed justice NV Ramana that "This is the incident that's going on in Karnataka. Now it's revolving around the entire nation".

The Chief Justice NV Ramana replied back to Sibal that: "Let the High Court hear the matter. Today it is listed before the three-judge bench".

Senior advocate stressed and informed to CJI that are just two months away from today and he further said 

"We have filed a petition this morning. This matter has to go before nine judges".

CJI replied to the senior advocate that "This is too early for us to take up at this stage. Let's see some interim relief the High Court may give".

CJI further made his concern that "If we list the matter the High Court won't hear the matter".

Mr Sibal urged the top court to take it and said “Schools and colleges are closed. Girls are being stoned. This issue must be considered”.

Then CJI NV Ramana again noted and delivered that the Karnataka High Court should hear it first, Mr Sibal replied that “I'm asking this court to list it. If the High Court doesn't pass orders this court can transfer it to itself and hear it”.

Meanwhile petitioner Fathima Bushra raises the question of right to equality in this matter according Article 14 of the Indian constitution.

Today at the end of the court session, the CJI said “we will see”.