The Top Court approves 10% Economically weaker section Reservation by the ratio of 3:2

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The Pinnacle Court today with a larger side of 3:2, approved the 103rd Constitution amendment giving 10% reservation to citizens from economically weaker sections at the time of admission processes and for applying for government jobs.

The apex court noted that the law on Economically weaker section reservation doesn’t breach the basic structure of the Indian Constitution.

By approving the judgement, Chief Justice U U Lalit delivered that there are 4 different judgements on cases challenging this EWS reservation.

SC Judge Dinesh Maheshwari, who read the judgement for himself, delivered that the 103rd constitutional amendment can't be noted to violate the fundamental aspects of the Indian Constitution.

SC judge Bela M Trivedi noted that the 103rd constitutional amendment can’t be removed and struck down in the aspects of being violative to the basic structure of the constitution.

Justice J B Pardiwala noted the views of the above-mentioned two judges for the validity of the amendment.

Justice S Ravindra Bhat, who held that reservation based on economic criterion was “per se permissible”