Union Law Minister mentioned that Over 4.5 crore cases pending in Indian courts, 71,000 in Supreme Court

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While responding to an issue by Member of Parliament Deepender Singh Hooda, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju told the upper house of the Parliament, the Rajya Sabha that there have been over 71,000 cases pending within the Supreme Court, over 59 lakhs pending in various High Courts, and about 4.1 crore cases pending within the subordinate courts within the country.

Indian Law Minister, Kiren Rijiju informed the upper house of the parliament on August 4, that this year there have been quite 4.24 crore cases pending in Indian subordinate courts, while the Supreme Court is now hearing over 71,000 cases and quite 59 lakh cases are pending for various High Courts .

The number of cases filed within the district and inferior courts increased by 50% between 2016 and this year. In 2016, there have been over 2.82 crore pending cases; this year, there have been quite 4.24 crore.

Law Minister Rijiju responded in writing, stating that as of August 2, there have been 71,411 cases pending before the highest court, including over 56,000 civil cases and over 15,000 criminal cases.

Of the 71,411 cases still pending within the Supreme Court, he said that 10,491 had been there for over ten years. quite 42,000 instances had been unresolved in but five years, while 18,134 had been for five to 10 years.

In response to a different query, Rijiju stated that although there have been 40,28,591 cases pending within the various high courts as of July 29, 2016, there have been 59,55,907 cases as of the identical date this year, a rise of fifty.

The judiciary is answerable for resolving cases that are still pending within the courts. The Minister stated that although the filing and backbone of cases in various courts may be a continual process, no deadline has been established by the relevant courts for the resolution of varied sorts of cases.

Out of the High Courts, Allahabad court leads the pendency league with over 1,000,000 pending cases to its account, while the Sikkim tribunal has the smallest amount 177 pending cases as per the minister’s data.