Union government told to the apex court that Demonetisation was well-planned

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Defending the decision regarding the demonetisation the central govt told the top court that the decision was very planned.

The Central Government said that in the file that the demonetistaion policy in 2016 was an crucial step to fight against mess of fake currency,  funding of terror, black money, evasions of tax.

It later noted that it was a crucial and experienced decision and was taken into consideration after multiple consultations with the Reserve Bank of India.

The union government started consultations with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in February 2016, for most eight months before taking the step of the demonetisation on 8th November, 2016. it continued to say in the affidavit file.

The Union government has every time reiterated since then that it was the best step of the demonetisation move to remove of black money and fake currency.

It is said to be noted that a  constitutional Bench of the Apex Court in the month October noted it about the “Lakshman Rekha”. 

from the time then, the union has delivered the 3 affidavits in the top court in relation to demonetisation.