Union law minister Kiren Rijiju said that fittest must be justices not collegium wished

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Central Minister of Law Kiren Rijiju strongly made the statement that the current Top Court collegium system by which justices are selected is “opaque”. 

The Minister said this statement while delivering a speech on National capital's in “Reforming Judiciary” at a function arranged by a major media institution.

The “fittest” citizens must be selected as justices and not others whom the collegium influences, Minister said.

The system must be responsible and pellucid, he delivered, adding, the minister said “If it is opaque, then who else will speak up against it if not the concerned minister.” He was only “reflecting the thinking” of the people including the lawyer community and even some judges, he said.“The fittest must be appointed and not someone whom the collegium knows”.

The minister finally said that “I am not critical of the judiciary or the judges...I am not happy with the present system of the Supreme Court collegium. No system is perfect. We have to always strive and work towards a better system”.