Apex Court Collegium recommends transfer of two Chief Justices; elevation of three judges

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The Supreme Court Collegium led by the CJI U. U. Lalit has recommended it to the govt. the transfer of the Chief Justices of Orissa and Jammu and Kashmir High Courts.

The Collegium, during a meeting held September 28, has sought the transfer of Orissa tribunal judge Dr. S. Muralidhar to Madras supreme court as magistrate.

The Collegium has recommended the transfer of Justice Pankaj Mithal, the judge of Jammu and Kashmir tribunal to Rajasthan as magistrate. Justice Muralidhar's parent state supreme court is Delhi and Justice Mithal's parent court is Allahabad. The Collegium has also recommended the elevation of three senior high school Court judges as Chief Justices.

Justice Jaswant Singh, a judge of the Orissa court, has been recommended for appointment as Orissa judicature jurist in situ of Justice Muralidhar. Justice Singh's parent court is Punjab and Haryana.

Bombay supreme court judge, Justice P.B. Varale, was recommended for elevation as Karnataka tribunal magistrate. Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey of Jammu and Kashmir tribunal has been recommended for appointment because the High Court's justice. The Collegium has further recommended the transfer of three judges to varied High Courts

Justice Sanjaya Kumar Mishra has been recommended for transfer from Uttarakhand to Jharkhand state supreme court. Justice K. Vinod Chandran from Kerala to Bombay supreme court and Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh from Jharkhand to Tripura court.

The Collegium had, on September 26, recommended the appointment of Bombay supreme court jurist Dipankar Datta as a Supreme Court judge.

There are 326 vacancies within the 25 High Courts as on September 1, 2022. the whole sanctioned judicial strength of High Courts is 1,108. There are 782 working judges. The Supreme Court has 29 working judges out of a sanctioned strength of 34 judges.