Apex Court issues notice to Centre over petition filed by Hindu rights leader on social control

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The Supreme Court on Monday issued a notice to the Centre on a PIL filed by a Mathura-based Hindu rights leader Devkinandan Thakur Ji seeking a direction to the govt to 'ascertain the feasibility' of enacting a 'stringent social control law.' the highest Court tagged the notice with the same pending petition filed by SC advocate and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyaya.

The petition filed by Devkinandan Thakur Ji noted that within the alternative, the Apex Court may direct the Law Commission to review the social control laws and policies of developed countries and suggest measures to bring down the population. He further said that a law like this could secure the basic rights of citizens, including the 'right to peaceful sleep, clean air, water, food, health and shelter.'

Devkinandan Thakur Ji stressed that the injury caused by the population explosion was 'extremely large', especially for girls. "The impact that repeated child-bearing has on women is seldom highlighted outside niche areas. The incidents of grand multiparity, which is defined as quite four viable births, in developing countries like India is 20% while it's only 2% in developed countries," the petition said.

A similar petition was filed by advocate Ashwini Upadhyay in December 2020. "Population explosion is more dangerous than bomb explosion and without implementing effective social control measures, Healthy India, Literate India, Prosperous India, Resourceful India, Strong India, Secured India, Sensitive India, Clean India and Corruption and Crime-Free India campaigns won’t succeed," advocate Aswini Upadhyay noted within the petition.