Caveat against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi filed in Supreme Court

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A caveat is filed in the Supreme Court by the complainant, Purnesh Modi, in anticipation of an appeal against the judgment of the Gujarat High Court refusing to stay Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s conviction in a defamation case. The caveat is a legal notice filed by a party informing that the opposite party may file a case against them. On July 7, the day when Gujarat HC gave a decision in the defamation case where Rahul Gandhi made a remark on the ‘Modi’ surname, a caveat was filed by the complainant. Earlier in March 2023, Rahul Gandhi was found guilty of defamation remarks made by him during 2019 election campaigns. The remark he made was ‘all thieves have Modi surname’. The former Congress leader was convicted by the chief judicial magistrate of Surat and sentenced to two years in prison. Moreover, the very next day, he was disqualified from Lok Sabha. After Gandhi’s disqualification from Lok Sabha, a plea was filed in the SC against the validity of the provisions under which he was disqualified. Further, the session court in Surat declined to stay Gandhi's conviction on April 20, and an appeal was filed against the HC order. The hearing was concluded on May 2 and on July 7 no relief was given to Gandhi.

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