Supreme Court judgments are now available in 13 Indian languages

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On Wednesday, the Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud announced that 1,268 judgments would be released in 13 Indian Languages on Republic Day, which are now currently available in the court’s e-SCR portal. New features are available in the portal which is a repository of the electronic version of the Supreme Court Reports. The main motive behind this translation of judgments into other languages is to make the justice administration accessible to the common man. CJI stated that “To begin with, we have translated 1,091 judgments to Hindi, 21 in Odia, 14 Marathi, four Assamese, one Garo, 17 Kannada, one Khasi, 29 Malayalam, 3 Nepali, 4 Punjabi, 52 Tamil, 28 Telugu and three Urdu.”

Whenever a user searches for a particular judgment in the portal, a list of Indian languages is displayed in which the searched judgment is available. The Court added that translated work of Supreme Court judgments in Indian languages would be uploaded on a regular basis. CJI in his announcement on Wednesday in the top Court further stated that “We are on a mission to provide Supreme Court judgments in all scheduled languages. We have already started.”  

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