Supreme Court’s vacation bench to hear 19 listed matters for oral mentioning, today

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Today (June 06, 2023), the vacation bench of the Supreme Court will hear the matters listed for oral mentioning. A total of 19 matters are listed for oral mentioning before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. As the Supreme Court is experiencing summer vacation (From May 22 to July 2), only fresh matters are heard by the vacation bench. The opening of the Supreme Court after vacation is on July 03, 2023. Although the vacation bench is hearing fresh matters, there were some cases that required urgent hearing and were heard by the bench. On June 02, 2023, the bench gave judgment in the Jitendra Nath Mishra vs. State of UP & Anr. matter which stated that what is essential for the exercise of the power under Section 319, Cr.PC is that the evidence on record must show the involvement of a person in the commission of a crime and that the said person, who has not been arraigned as an accused, should face trial together with the accused already arraigned.” The order was passed by a vacation bench comprising Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Pankaj Mithal. Some of the matters listed for oral mentioning today include Shivani Mehta & Ors. vs. Rahul Kumar Sinha, Neha Chauhan vs. Himanshu Pokhariya, Gaurav Kumar Singh vs. State of Gujarat, Virendra Singh vs. State of UP, Lokendra Singh vs. The State of UP & Anr., Mohd Nazim vs. State of Rajasthan, Mohan Nathuram Sakpal vs. State Bank of India, Abdul Qadir vs. State of UP, and Sivankutty N & Anr. vs. State Bank of India.