The Supreme Court asks the Centre Government why EC Arun Goel's got cleared at " Thunder Speed".

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The top court today noted that the appointment proposal of Prof.Arun Goel, a 1985 batch IAS officer, as the EC got cleared at 'Thunder speed'.

The apex court further said that "What kind of evaluation is this? We are not questioning the merits of EC Arun Goel’s credentials but the process of his appointment".

Justice Joseph questioned the centre that “It was done with such haste… with a tearing urgency… You did not require time to contemplate?”.

Justice Joseph questioned the government that “A CEC is a person to be appointed in his own right. You have made it into a promotion source. You are supposed to appoint a person directly as CEC. You have made ECs a feeder category. The Founding Fathers contemplated a CEC who will hold office for six years independently… not as a promotion”.

Apex court’s constitutional bench today ordered the files allowing to the latest appointment of Arun Goel as the EC

The constitutional bench asked the AG that to know whether is there any "hanky-panky" in the appointment of election commissioner.

The apex court noted that "This vacancy was available from May 15. Could you show us why only in November the government showed some haste? Same day clearance, same day notification, same day acceptance? File has not travelled even for 24 hours. It moved at a lightning speed. You have to justify it".