The Pinnacle Court requests answering from staff workers for hold up in noting pleas

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CJI UU Lalit today ordered the Pinnacle Court registry to apprise it of the reason for not listing a matter which has been ready to be listed for a year and a half.

A Bench composed of Justices CJI Lalit and Justice Bela M Trivedi made an order to its Registry to answer why the issue is still in the process of being listed for one and half year despite getting ready.

The apex court issued notice to its own registry after it came up that a matter that was listed this day was started for listing 18 months ago and ordered the Registry to list its explanations beside reasons for such a lengthy delay in the listing of the matter.

The Bench in its order strongly said "We issue notice to the Registry to file an explanation why the matter was not listed before the court for a year and a half despite it being ready".

The Registry must also direct if any same matters listed ready yet were not listed before the court, it said.

The top court ordered the Registry to note why such a situation was coming up and what precautionary steps have been taken or are being taken.

The apex court bench noted while listing the issue for listing on 3rd November "All details of such matters to be furnished along with explanation and if any remedial steps have since been taken, those steps must be advertised to. Let the explanation be filed by Thursday"