The Pinnacle Court struck down each and every mining pleas against order to vacate leases

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The Pinnacle Court today struck down the special leave pleas filed by some of the leaseholders of mines requesting to stay the verdict passed by the High Court of Bombay in keeping up the state government of Goa's order noting leaseholders to immediately vacate their contracts within 30 days.

Two judge bench composed of justices CJI Chandrachud and Hima Kohli didn't grant the special leave pleas under 136th Article of the Constitution and accordingly rejected them.

The State government’s order dated May 4, 2022, was issued pursuant to a specific direction of the Supreme Court that the Goa government use its powers (granted under Rule 12(1) (hh) of the Mineral Concession Rules, 2016) for the purpose of recovering the leased areas.

The Apex Court strongly noted that the order of the High Court cannot be stayed. 

In the previous year in the month of October, the Goa Foundation had filed a writ petition against the Goa government demanding such an order be issued in the context of specific directions of the Supreme Court of India.

Previously the two judge bench of the Bombay High Court composed of the judges Sandeep K Shinde and Justice R N Laddha by an order noted on October 7, 2022, had rejected the batch of different writ petitions filed by previous leaseholders questioning the Goa government’s order allowing them to denying all the machinery and equipment from the leasehold areas and to vacate them within 30 days.