The Pinnacle court refuses to entertain plea seeking display of Preamble at public places, govt offices

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The Supreme Court on Friday refused to entertain a plea seeking directions to the Centre, States and Union Territories to display the Preamble to the Constitution in local languages publicly places and in government offices to reinforce the spirit of fraternity, saying it's for the govt. to try to to.

The apex court said there's something which must be left to the govt on a way to set about it.

"Some people are really enterprising. Get elected and do that. this is often not the place for it," a bench of Justices S K Kaul and A S Oka told the advocate representing the Maharashtra-based petitioner.

"If we get into it....where preamble are going to be displayed, where Constitution are displayed. it's not our job," the bench observed.

It told the lawyer appearing for the petitioner, Z A N Ahmad Peerzade, that either the petition be withdrawn or the court will dismiss it.

The counsel said he would withdraw the petition.

The plea, filed through advocate M R Shamshad, had sought direction to the authorities to display the contents of the Preamble at public places and government offices in languages understood by the local citizens to boost the spirit of fraternity and ideas of liberty, equality and secularism.

"Why not display the Constitution everywhere the country?" the court asked wryly, adding "This is for the govt to try and do."

The plea said in recent times, there has been an increase in violence that has spread to numerous parts of the country.

It claimed the extent of intolerance amongst the masses has increased manifold and therefore the "youth of the country appear to be unaware of the commitment on which our constitutional foundation has been laid down."

It said the petitioner had approached the authorities within the states and Union Territories with a representation earlier but no steps were taken.

"The petitioner has been a witness to the increase of communal violence cases, hate crimes and hate speeches in various parts of our country. it's increasing within the territorial boundaries of India and also the petitioner is deeply concerned with the erosion of the social fabric that has held this diverse nation together," the plea said.